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Blasts from the past...

So I moved recently, into a place all on my own. I don't have internet yet (well, I'm tethering data from my phone, but still), so I'm rewatching old anime that I have. First on the list was Gravitation for some reason... I've been listening to the songs so I guess it makes sense.

So today I watched the last 2 episodes of the series, and then I watched the OVA. OH MY GOD how did I forget about pretty much everything??

ASK? Forgot them. Tohma? Forgot him. Tatsuha? Forgot him. Yuki??? Forgot him.

Like holy shit I knew my memory for things was bad, but wow.

So now I'm left to ponder where next to go on my little trip down memory lane...

Well, after the fact that I've already re-discovered really awful image songs, CLAMP and Weiss related.

(Also, holy shit, Weiss Kreuz came out 15 years ago. Guys, when did we get old???)

Stuff for sale!

Clearing out all the stuff I haven't looked at in over a year. Obviously if I've been okay without it for this long, I can do without it for good.

This post will be updated, so I'll postdate it.

I'm shipping from Alberta (Canada). I will accept money order, concealed cash, interac money transfer (Canada only) and paypal (no credit cards though).

Feel free to make offers or ask for combined deals too!

Shipping to the US can be alot, at times I'll lower the item price for you so that it's not so gouging.

With the current exchange rate, USD or Canadian dollar values are the same to me.

Stuff under here - warning, huge, bad photosCollapse )


Feb. 21st, 2008

Things are kinda starting to look up again. I'm not going to be too too optimistic. But still.

So I had lost my wallet at the concert? Yeah, I got it back last Tuesday. Nothing missing, not even the cash I had in it. I was amazed, I was about to declare myself a serial killer in a previous life to deserve the bad karma.

I've been out and about on the roads now, with a driving instructor. And I like her. I remembered that I hated my old driving instructor, and he might've been the reason why I didn't really feel all that compelled to drive.

Gary (old instructor) treated me like a statistic. He was always assuming I'd be out cruising for guys with friends, ignoring the rules of the road. I felt like he looked down on me because I was a young female driver. I know I snapped on him once, I really didn't like him.

Gail (new instructor) treats me like exactly what I am: a new-ish driver who just wants to gain confidence on the road. She consciously seperates me from the teenage set of lesson takers, and I appreciate that from her.

Maybe I'm just biased though.

I caught a cold sometime this week. I don't know when though. I was feeling pretty gross on Tuesday, but I had been drinking on Monday night. And last night is when I really started feeling it. I had fever chills all night, even after having a hot bath. I was miserable, and couldn't even bear to sit or stand for very long. I managed to make myself some comfort food though. Delicious rice and bearnaise sauce. Mmmm... I'm even thinking of making more rice now to go with the extra sauce in the fridge.

I did go out yesterday and apply for a couple more jobs before I felt absolutely horrible, so that was good. I got a call back from one of them today. Hurrah for an interview tomorrow afternoon~

It just means that I have to get my throat feeling good enough to talk by 4.

And, I think that's about it. I really should probably start on my assignments for when I go back to class. I really really don't want to, but, if I must. To the assignments and the going back to class-ness. Blah. I just want this semester, this program, to be over. I don't regret it, because I've learned alot, and met great people. I just want it to be over with.

...Yet I'm thinking of more school? *shoots self*


Holy fucked up dream batman

So this morning, right before my alarm goes off, I'm having this PSYCHO dream. Well, not really. I'd say I can't remember the details, but some of it I can. More like I can't remember the setting.

The details? AKA, what's been stuck as random imagery in my head all day?

Alan Rickman, as Spock, but wearing a Power Ranger's uniform without the helmet thing, that had one of those tuxedo shirt things printed on it. Singing Pet Shop Boys.

Really, it probably wasn't a Pet Shop Boys song. Since I've heard like, 4 songs by them ever. But to my subconscious, it was a PSB song.

Also, the whole Alan Rickman as Spock thing. Obviously, since there was no Star Trek uniform on, it was just a little "hey, it's Spock" thing. And knowing it also looked like Alan Rickman.

But still. WTF BRAIN, WTF.

Anyone wanna give this a stab at an interpretation? I suck at those things. ^^;;;

Also, I can't find my wallet anywhere. This bothers me greatly. *emoface*

But the concert last night was great. Yay for Econoline Crush~~

This WTF post gets a WTF icon. Yayz


Mind dump

I finally started applying for jobs today.

Only two, but that's better than nothing. And one of them I really really want, but I don't know if I'll get it because I don't quite have the skills/experience they want. It's a part-time computer service technician at Computer Trends, but they want an A+ certified computer technician. I've had one intro A+ class that didn't completely cover the material.

But it would be a good job to have. I actually might enjoy making money. And hello computer discount.

And the other is just at Douro's as a server. But the food there is so yummy and I love it, so if I worked there...

I'd probably get fat. LOL

No really though.

I almost applied at Safeway out of money desperation. Almost. But see, when I went and asked if they were hiring, before they handed me an application form they asked if my lip stud came out. I said yes, because well, it's not like it's welded together, it can come out if need be.

So then after filling out most of the application form, I flip it over and read the employment terms. "Extreme styles are not acceptable." I've never thought of my tiny little barely noticable lip stud as an extreme style. Then I find out that you have to join a union, and pay union dues off of your paycheck. I really didn't want to do that.

After reading all that, I put the application form in my backpack and left. Something about the whole attitude annoyed me, so I doubt I'd enjoy working there. I guess it takes a certain type.

Not that they shouldn't be concerned with keeping a professional image, but something was just off for me. *shrug*

Also went to Discovery Computers. But the guy there was an asshole, so I just half-heartedly drooled over cases, wishing I could buy one, and left.

That was my job search adventure today. Yayz.

In other news about me. It's crunch time for my system design project (ie, we're doing all the input/output formatting and designing the whole structure). And we have to get our client to order a $900 Phaser scanner so that we can do the interface design on that as well.

I think we'll even be working on this during reading week. BLAH.

Totally doesn't help that we really should've done alot of this last semester. But our fourth group member, who isn't in the course anymore, was kind of our leader. And he was too busy to direct us to accomplish anything. Also, he was the mastermind behind it all, but he didn't do all of the necessary research that he had said he would. So now I've been doing all that as well as all of the work that we need done for our project checkpoints/milestones this semester.

So yeah, that makes him fail in my books. Nevermind the whole dropping out of a program with only one semester left bit.

And finally on my mind dump. My practicum. I've kind of decided to give up on getting a practicum this semester, and will just try to get one right away in May, for the spring semester. If I take one now, at 200 hours, I'll only be completing about 8 hours a week. So, at the end of the semester, I'll still have about 100 hours to complete anyways, about 3 weeks of work, if I do it full time.

So really, if I take a practicum in May full time, I'll be done in about mid-June. Which still gives me lots of time for cosplay and a buffer before AX. And for Otafest I'd just be leaving town in the early evening on Friday (like, 5 or so), and coming back the evening on the Sunday. So I wouldn't miss any practicum days, hurrah.

If it's paid? Oh ho ho, even better. Gas, hotel, fabric, bills, etc don't pay themselves!

I think I might read my A+ textbook some, so that when I go back to Computer Trends on Tuesday to see the manager I won't seem like a complete retard for applying for the job.
Quick, Internet!

I'm bored, do something interesting.

*waits impaitiently*

Well, fine, whatever.

No love.
Ha ha ha ha ha.

Guess what I watched last night?

We hooked up Nigredo the PS3 last night. And I watched Naruto Shippuuden on it on youtube. Wonderful, just wonderful. ^^;;;

Then I played Assassin's Creed for a bit. Fun game so far, totally not the plot I had expected. But that can be a good thing. And it randomly reminds me of Galerians in some places, oddly enough.

And yeah, looking for a new job, lazily. Though I really do need one. Also working on getting my practicum started this semester so that it doesn't interrupt cosplay plans. Woooo.

Also had best crack conversation about Vagrant Story and FFXII ever last night. Go Larsa. ^^;;;

That is all.
So, yeah.

First thing: Alberta student loans decided to mail me a cheque for my loan this semester, rather than direct deposit like they've been doing all along. Fine, okay whatever. But, of course, they decide to mail it to my parents house.

Umm, what?

Parents live 12 hours away in a different province. I'm NOT going to be there to get the cheque. Remember how on my forms, there was that stupid check box asking me if I lived with them. Yeah, I checked NO.


So my mom was supposed to put it in with the daily overnight courier that goes from her branch to our branch. Until she forgot to bring it with her this morning. So now I get to wait until AFTER class on Friday to pick it up.

I kinda wanted my textbooks for class on Friday...

Whatever, on to the second complaint:

I went into work on Monday, with a copy of my new availability, handed that in. Okay. Looked at the schedule, and I can't find my name on it anywhere. This is me looking at it for like, 5 minutes going over every page. Okay, fine, whatever, I'll come in on Thursday to see if I'm on next week's, and if not, I can take a hint.

So I get a call today at 6:30 (note, technically, I've only just gotten out of class at this time. My saving grace was class that ended an hour early today) from the manager closing tonight. Apparently I was scheduled to work. So I call back and talk to her (since I fail at answering phones). Say my whole thing, about how I didn't see my name on the schedule except for last week (all booked off), and that I couldn't have even worked tonight anyways, since I'm in class until 6.

Her response: "This was going to be your last shift anyways, so don't bother telling me why."

At least I was all polite, and thanked her for the job and stuff.

I was just kinda expecting some sort of acknowledgement about this when I was there on Monday. Let me know a bit in advance that I shouldn't expect anything else. I know I was only seasonal staff, but I was also told that there would be an opportunity to stay after season, since they were short-staffed to begin with.


Just kinda bitter about the whole thing overall. I really didn't like the place anyways, and it wasn't just the Christmas rush ruining it for me, it was the whole package.

So, whatever. Tomorrow is an empty day spent shopping and possibly looking for jobs. I'm wary of even putting TRU on the resume, since now I don't know if the management even liked me, and I don't want a bad reference.

Hmm, third complaint? Yeah sure:

Our team leader for our year-long group project switched programs. In his last semester. Leaving my group (for which I am now leader, for some reason) down to three people in a normally five person project (our fifth member was useless anyways and had gotten kicked out on an administrative fail).

He told us about this yesterday. No contact or forewarning at all during the winter break.


And I think that shall be all for this massive post of complaining. Unless I want to complain about WoW. But I think I shall save that (god damn PK's)



Jan. 7th, 2008

A girl in my class and I are thinking of taking Mandarin this semester. No credit, but it's just one class every wednesday night.

Sounds like fun, y/y?

Finished catching up on Naruto manga. Where is all the IC fic??? Like, seriously? Did I miss the memo where Sasuke is apparently absolutely in lust with Naruto, and NOT too obsessed with his brother to notice Naruto exists? For the moment at least.

I thought it was just ff.net, so I looked on LJ...


Just, god, catch up on something to read the fic, only to find all the fic BAD.


Otherwise, I have class at 8 in the morning, so I will be going to bed.


*seriously, going to bed*




I'm going out driving tomorrow, with my Grandad, in my car.

This will be the first time I've driven in 3 years, at least.


But besides that. Durr hurr, guess what I'm downloading again? Planning on a binge read.

That's right, the Naruto manga.

I'm only 100-ish chapters behind. ^^;

This will be less daunting then when I read all 260-ish chapters in two days last time.


And that is my story. Still impaitiently waiting for my student loans to deposit. Hopefully before the 15th, as I'm getting my hair done that day. ^^; Well, really, hopefully before that, since I have textbooks to buy and bills to pay. Ha ha, dead.


Back to WoW. Or Hikaru no Go fics, I can't decide.

Why do I keep deciding to relive 2002-2003 vicariously through fandom? In fandoms I wasn't even part of?

Not like I'd want to relive my days in the Weiss Kreuz fandom though...


Yes, this is it, I'm done the post, good bye

HAHA I want to watch this movie again.